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How to use Correction fluid correctly

How to use Correction fluid correctly

Correction fluid is one of the commonly used correction products in student stationery. It is mainly used to cover typos on paper. In daily learning, if you cannot use Correction fluid correctly, the following conditions will occur: poor liquid discharge, poor coverage; no liquid or excessive liquid discharge; easy to cause liquid volatilization, resulting in poor liquid discharge; or contact The traces of liquid coating on clothing and other items are difficult to clean. So how to use Correction fluid correctly to avoid these conditions?

Correction fluid

1. Shake before use. Correction fluid is likely to be stored for a long time. If there is sediment in the bottle, if it is not shaken vigorously, water quality substances will appear, and the words or patterns to be covered cannot be covered. Therefore, To obtain the best correction effect, you must shake it vigorously so that the sediment in the bottle is completely fused with the water.

2. Lightly squeeze the bottle. To avoid the situation that the Correction fluid does not flow out or the amount of liquid is too large, it is necessary to shake it well during use, align the pen tip with the part to be modified and gently press the bottle body to easily discharge the liquid, and ensure the smooth and even discharge of the liquid. Scribble.

3. Fasten the outer cover. During use, the main reason that Correction fluid will not flow smoothly is that the outer cover is not fastened in time after use. After use, the outer cover should be fastened in time to avoid prolonged exposure of the liquid end. At the same time, do not turn the Correction fluid upside down. During use, please avoid Correction fluid contact with clothing. If you accidentally get clothing, you can clean it with organic solvents containing methylcyclohexane or toluene or xylene or esters or ketones.


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