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Correction fluid cleaning method

Correction fluid cleaning method

Correction fluid is often used when correcting typos. If you are not careful, Correction fluid will get on your hands and it will be difficult to wash off, so is there any way to wash it off? Let’s take a look next.

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1. Wind medicated oil cleaning

Wet the area with Correction fluid on the hands of China Wind medicated oil, and then wipe it with a paper towel. We can see that the Correction fluid on the hands is easily wiped off, so whether Wind medicated oil can also deal with the correction on the clothes For fluid, apply Correction fluid to a piece of cloth. After the correction fluid dries, soak the area with correction fluid with air oil and rub it with your hands. The correction fluid is gone.
Why can Wind medicated oil wipe off the Correction fluid. It turns out that the solvent in Fengyoujing dissolved the Correction fluid. Correction fluid is mainly composed of titanium dioxide, glue and solvent; Fengyoujing is mainly composed of medicine, perfume and solvent. Solvents in Correction fluid and Fengyoujing both play a role in dissolving other substances. Correction fluid is liquid when it is just extruded. After it is applied to the surface of the object, the solvent will evaporate quickly and the glue will stick the titanium dioxide to the surface of the object. At this time, apply Fengyoujing. The solvent in Fengyoujing replenishes the original solvent in the correction fluid, dissolves the glue and titanium dioxide, and restores the correction fluid to its liquid state, so it can be easily wiped off.

2. Alcohol cleaning
If the Correction fluid is accidentally stained on the clothing, you can use alcohol to drop the stain on the clothing, wipe it repeatedly, and finally rinse it with clean water. The stain can be removed after it dries.

3. Nail polish remover cleaning
In addition to wind oil and alcohol, nail polish remover can also wipe off the correction fluid. Apply Correction fluid to a piece of cloth. After the correction fluid is dry, soak the area with the correction fluid with nail polish remover. Rub it with your hands and the correction fluid is gone. It seems that this is also a good way to wipe off the Correction fluid. However, the nail polish remover contains substances that are harmful to the skin. If you have Correction fluid on your hands, Fengyou, which is harmless to the human body, is still the first choice.


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