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How to choose buy Colored page flag? The purpose of the Colored page flag

How to choose buy Colored page flag? The purpose of the Colored page flag

Colored page flag should not be too unfamiliar to everyone. Generally, people at work often use sticky notes, so what do you usually use sticky notes for? I believe that many people's answers must be used to record some trivial things and stick them in a prominent position to remind themselves to prevent forgetting. Then, it is estimated that some of the fun children's shoes will use sticky notes when playing cards or games, which are basically used to stick on the opponent's face or for scoring. So, besides these regular usages, what other usages can you think of?

Colored page flag

Colored page flag creative clock, through innovative design techniques, has carried out an interesting combination of two very common and ordinary things in life. The label reminder function makes the clock function more eye-catching, and the thin and compact appearance also makes the product more approachable.

This is what we are going to introduce today! Shh~~Secretly tell you, Colored page flag can also be used as building blocks! It is estimated that many people will be surprised, and then friends with children will be blessed. When there are no children’s toys to coax the children, it is a good way to use Colored page flag to make building blocks to play with the children.

Colored page flag building blocks can be easily completed in triangles, squares, rectangles and semicircles. The sides of the triangle, square and semicircle must be the same length, and the aspect ratio of the rectangle is 2:1. Want such a set of brightly colored toy blocks? Do it yourself quickly~


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