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How to buy Wholesale Colored page flag?

How to buy Wholesale Colored page flag?

Colored page flags should be used when purchasing Colored page flags in wholesale. For example, there is a Neon page flag. The colors are as bright as neon lights and the color saturation is high. This kind of note paper is suitable for reminders, but not very suitable for daily routines. For work. We can also try our best to choose the "Macaron" color note paper, that is, the color has a little pink and white feeling, which can have good-looking colors, but the color is very soft and not glaring.

Neon page flag

The quality of the Colored page flag is slightly better, and it can be pasted many times, but it is best if there is no residual glue.

Colored page flag

The shape of the Colored page flag cannot be too complicated, although the note paper now has more shapes, such as the shape of a star, a circle, or the shape of a Christmas tree, and so on. This kind of Colored page flag can add to life's emotions in life, but it is not suitable for work occasions.

Colored page flag

Colored page flag usage skills:

1. A Colored page flag only writes one task: After completing one task, remove a Colored page flag to prevent you from missing a very important thing.

2. The font size should be large: how large should the font size be? You can make sure that you can see things clearly without paying attention when sitting in front of the computer.

3. Color by priority: If conditions permit, try to use sticky notes of different colors to mark the urgency and importance of each task. In this case, you can see at a glance what you need to do first and then.

4. Tear off the tasks immediately after processing: on the one hand, this will make you a lot easier, on the other hand, watching the Colored page flags are torn off, the sense of accomplishment will definitely make you happy . However, don’t think that the small label only needs such a purpose. The above mentioned only improves the advantages of your own work efficiency. The effect of the Colored page flag is by no means limited to this. It can not only be seen by yourself, but also by others. .

5. Colored page flag can establish your good job profile: Everyone expects to get the attention of others, even if this matter is not really important. Therefore, when your partner comes to your seat to inform about the assignment, take out the Colored page flag and record it and paste it face-to-face on your display, which indicates that you have handled the assignment he said as a first-level mission.

6. Colored page flag can help you create the image of a busy person in the workplace: the leisure of the boss indicates that he is very successful, but the leisure of the employee indicates that you are not working seriously. If you see the Colored page flag affixed to your full screen, then the superiors who expect every subordinate to be busy will naturally appreciate you.


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