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The purpose of Neon shaped sticky notes

The purpose of Neon shaped sticky notes

The purpose of Neon shaped sticky notes

Neon shaped sticky notes are one of the small stationery frequently used in our lives. For its purpose, how do you use Neon shaped sticky notes? The Neon shaped sticky notes manufacturer has compiled the common usage of sticky notes in work, study and life for you. Have you ever used them like this?

Neon shaped sticky notes

1. Important event reminder:

One of the important functions of Neon shaped sticky notes is to play a reminder function. Use Neon shaped sticky notes to record important events and paste them directly on computers, refrigerators, desks and other places that need to be reminded to help you remember the bits and pieces of life.

2. Brainstorm inspiration record:

Daily sudden inspiration is always fleeting, Neon shaped sticky notes can help us retain these scattered "moments".

3. Category search bookmarks:

Traditional cardboard bookmarks are expensive and easy to slip off. Using Neon shaped sticky notes as bookmarks is economical and convenient. Different colors can be classified into different file column positions, which has the advantage of not easy to fall off. It can also be annotated directly on Neon shaped sticky notes according to the content of the data, which is fast and accurate!

4. Positive energy mood motivation:

This is a very "warm" function of Neon shaped sticky notes: a sentence of chicken soup for the soul every morning, self-suggestion when feeling down, short warm blessings and so on. You can leave it to yourself or to others, just post it on Small places that are conspicuous and often seen can play a big role.

There are many uses of Neon shaped sticky notes. For example, people with artistic cells can also paste post-it notes of different shapes and colors into creative patterns and make decorations. As long as there are ideas, there are more possibilities for small Neon shaped sticky notes.


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