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The production process of Oil Pastel

The production process of Oil Pastel

The production process of Oil Pastel

Oil Pastel is a stick-shaped painting material, which is made of a special mixture of paint, oil, and wax. It is generally cylindrical or prismatic with a length of about 10 cm. Similar in appearance to crayon, but with stronger adhesion and covering power on the paper surface, it can show the effect of oil painting.

Best Oil Pastel

Oil Pastel looks like a crayon, but it is not a crayon. Oil Pastel feels fine and smooth, has good spreadability, excellent color mixing and color mixing performance. Compared with crayons, Oil Pastel has brighter colors and stronger adhesion and coverage on the paper surface. It is one of the children's favorite painting tools.

Oil Pastel production steps
1. Use turpentine to dissolve paraffin wax and use saponified wax to make;
2. Paraffin liquid + appropriate amount of linseed oil + pigment powder. The preparation method is the same as that of pigmented chalk. The ratio of toner to wax oil is determined by the degree of oil absorption of the toner.
(1) Acetone resin: available in chemical stores
(2) Raw linseed oil: It is called green oil in China. It is a raw material for various varnishes and is available in chemical stores.
(3) Osmanthus fragrans oil: generally used as dental medical materials
(4) Emulsified wax: milky white, opaque, and tastes like yogurt, so it is called emulsified wax.

At the same time, you should also pay attention when using Oil Pastel. It contains metal components, especially for children; wash your hands after use to prevent it from being eaten with food.


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