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Buy bags stationery look "color value"? Stationery market development "extensive"

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2018-11-19 14:02

Buy bags stationery look "color value"? Stationery market development "extensive"

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2018-11-19 14:02

Coming school season, advance to buy a new bag for the child must have homework almost every parents. Buy more, parents will be thinking to himself: every year for school bags, in addition to the appearance can change appearance, the other is stereotyped? Recently, claims to have a shock, anti-drowning, spinal care burdens such as the role of the " high price " multi-functional bag in the Internet became popular, although this schoolbag users reflect the primary hardware suited to domestic support, the price is too high, but it is for the child to consider nuanced design philosophy still so many parents feel the shock.


School bags, stationery, leather book bag, red scarf ...... these children will be accompanied by several years, but throughout the entire school supplies market, product segmentation positioning is still vague, look "," capacity "and other extensive scale is used to measure the most selection criteria for the quality of life to "seek more and more today, even buy toilet paper rolls will be subdivided into, kitchen paper, facial tissue, baby special qualities of paper, most of the lack of school supplies is still wearing design sense of "consumables" hat. Why not inject more humane care for the student supplies design elements?




Bags every year for, for just a "skins"


Ms. Yang, who lives in Mudu, son currently attending fourth grade. Just last year when Ms. Yang bought his son a bag, and expressed the hope that he can in a simple and thrifty use of the principle of a few years. "With two years, he told me many times during the protest, saying that the bag is too old, and most of the other students a semester for one. I say enough to pull!" Ruanmoyingpao could not help his son, the third grade next semester when Ms. Yang finally gave his son for a second bag. This time, his son asked to buy the students especially popular trolley bags, "He felt someone carrying a cool fashion." However, Ms. Yang told reporters that his son's classroom on the fourth floor, carrying a box every day hard to climb climb under. This does not, started school, he cried want to change the bag, and this time, want to change a shoulder bag cartoon characters.


Liu's daughter is about to junior high school, elementary school six years no less than 10 bags replaced. Replace talk about why so often, she reluctantly told reporters:. "When most kids around to replace the bags are very frequent, very few children have the maturity to be able to resist this temptation," Liu told reporters that he generally go the mall to buy bags, but also a higher profile select few brands, after let her daughter pick a favorite design it: "actually I do not know what the difference between different brands bags, just think of the quality brand ring it should be better. different "in fact, when she recalled the purchase of more than ten bags only functional difference is very small, the most significant difference is the appearance of a pattern.


In order to understand the public psychological selection criteria buy bags when, before the semester begins, reporters in front of a large supermarket counters stationery Donghuan conducted a random survey, 23 children with parents to purchase stationery, there are 21 to tell reporters, change bags every year, and sometimes even a term for once; the remaining two parents although uphold "the substance is not a waste" philosophy of education, but it is also necessary to change a bag in 2023. When asked about what factors in the purchase of the bag most important, almost all the children's answers are: pattern, color, shape, parents are usually the children choose and then the firm level, volume and other functions to make a judgment on the basis of good shape. "Even the appearance of a child in order to pursue, to sacrifice some of the basic functions is also possible." Mr. Gao said citizens, daughter last year saw a Spanish football team logo shoulder bag, although overall package soft, suitable for excessive loading books, no kettle net bag installed, but her daughter insisted on buying this bag. Taking into account the bags just to spend a few months, "consumables", Mr. Gao finally decided to obey the wishes of her daughter.


status quo


Vague position, stationery market development "extensive"


Consider the pattern looks like when to pick the bag more than functional design considerations, professionals said, when consumers buy a bag for the product positioning is not high expectations, from the overall development of this market is not mature enough at all.


Beijing a large market data research firm responsible for Chan told this reporter, this year, they are subject to a stationery manufacturer commissioned overseas, in the country of stationery and pen consumer market conducted survey showed that most consumers in the purchase of stationery having arbitrary large, "schools around the shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, there is a fixed point of purchase when few people buy stationery." and in the purchase of stationery also tend to "see the edge of the eye," for the tip diameter, material choice, anti-drop and other data are less concerned. Chan specifically mentioned that: "We have received an invitation to cooperate in the industry rarely domestic stationery manufacturers because of low student stationery widespread profit to run the amount of the main manufacturers, reluctant to increase investment in terms of design, often reluctant to spend money expertise to conduct research on the needs of consumers. "


In fact, to find out the difference between the needs of different consumers, product segmentation, positioning, this is precisely one of the important signs of a mature market. "In the mobile phone market, for example, in addition to several particularly large market share of mainstream brands, there are a great variety of niche brands to satisfy different consumer groups, such as larger font old machine, music phones, camera phones, for low thousand dollars and other income groups. "Ms Chan said both the" leader ", but also" Hundred Flowers ", this is a mature market, and school supplies from the domestic market, seemingly dazzling products, and its essence are similar, there is no out of a "leading" brand, the whole market is still in its infancy.


Parents are always the "consumables" casual attitude towards school supplies, is not conducive to the product and market initiative to enhance the pursuit of creative design, but also easy for some children harm physical and mental health "loophole" to find the hiding place. These days, network Shang Yize "bag book cover contain carcinogens and other harmful substances," the news rumors, reports indicate that some parents at their own expense to take the package to a professional film department, it was found to contain a variety of harmful substances on children's health unfavorable. This reporter interviewed a number of parents of primary school in Suzhou, they both said:. "A dollar a book jacket, each semester to be spent dozens, if not thrown away nor distressed this news, we really thought there will be such a serious quality problem. "Chan told reporters, whether it is a dollar" consumables ", or a million" luxury ", the best parents in the product design, quality control at the time of purchase school supplies and many other cast with equal attention, this positive awareness of rights will help promote the healthy development of the stationery market.

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