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What is correction fluid? Which one is better?

What is correction fluid? Which one is better?

Correction fluid, also known as "rewriting fluid", is a kind of ordinary stationery, white opaque pigment, painted on paper to cover typos, and can be rewritten on it after it dries. It was invented by American Betty Naismith Grammer in 1951. The main components are trichloroethane, methylcyclohexane, and cyclohexane. The toxicity hazards are proportional to the concentration. The correction fluid contains lead, benzene, barium and other chemicals that are harmful to the human body and should be used with caution. If the correction fluid is inhaled or stuck to the skin, it will cause chronic poisoning and endanger human health.

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Correction fluid is traditionally packaged in small bottles, and the cap comes with a small broom or triangular foamed plastic soaked in the correction fluid. In recent years, pen-shaped correction pens have appeared, with springs in them. The correction fluid can be pumped out by pressing the pen tip on the paper, which can apply correction fluid more evenly than the sweep type, and it will not dry up as easily as the bottled type.

Since the correction fluid is extremely volatile, the unused correction fluid should be capped in time to prevent the liquid in the bottle from evaporating and leaving only a viscous liquid and cannot be used. Therefore, correction fluid manufacturers usually sell diluents with them.

Correction fluid made typing or writing more convenient before the word processor was invented. When choosing a correction fluid, you must see the manufacturer and date, and the precautions on the back. It is best to choose a well-known brand and a regular manufacturer. The correction fluid should not be too viscous.

Nowadays, many middle school students don’t have erasers in their pencil boxes, and because after writing like ballpoint pens, pens, etc., the eraser cannot be used to remove traces. Many students think that erasing with pens is too bad for aesthetics. Although they know that correction fluid is harmful, I would rather use correction fluid to cover up the traces. Because the correction fluid is convenient to use, has strong covering power, and is relatively fast volatile, it is favored by students.


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