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Are there any good and inexpensive highlighter evaluation methods recommended?

Are there any good and inexpensive highlighter evaluation methods recommended?

Highlighter is a pen used for marking produced in recent years. It uses thicker and lighter ink to cover key parts to make markings. After marking, it is clear that the text is not blocked. Highlighter has a fluorescent agent. When it encounters ultraviolet rays (sunlight, fluorescent lamps, mercury lamps are more), it will produce a fluorescent effect and emit white light, which makes the color look dazzling fluorescent. It is often used for office study. So how do we buy when buying?

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Method 1: Writing experience
The first is the fluency of the highlighter's writing, which is mainly to verify whether the highlighter can maintain the same line thickness, whether it slides smoothly on the paper, and so on. After the actual comparison test, we divided the pros and cons of this item into 5 levels from A+ to D, and scored each product separately.

Method 2: Quick-drying
The next evaluation content is quick-drying-we will use our fingers to wipe the handwriting that has just been drawn on the paper. According to the degree of ink residue on the hand, it is divided into 5 levels from A+ to D, and each highlighter is scored.

Method 3: Functionality
Next is the functional evaluation-does the highlighter have special features? Are these functions practical and necessary? These are all scoring standards, which are also divided into 5 levels from A+ to D.

Method four: color density
The last item of evaluation is color density. In order to control the variables, we chose the pink highlighter for each model for evaluation, and used it separately on the printed text on the same paper to compare the clarity of the text under the color overlay.

Finally, I suggest you, before using the multi-color highlighter, you must set your own color system, which color represents what kind of meaning, after all fixed, the notes you make can be clear and clear at a glance.


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