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Students stationery hidden "invisible crisis"

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2018-11-19 11:57

Students stationery hidden "invisible crisis"

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2018-11-19 11:57
The risk monitoring undertaken by the Jiangsu Provincial Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute particular implementation tasks, staff will be production enterprises in Jiangsu province, Jiangsu province, or in-store sales of electronic business platform and network sold 100 batches of products as stationery risk monitoring quality objectives, and then simulate consumers buy a pen, eraser, correction fluid and other categories of stationery for testing.
Jiangsu Province, hospital quality inspection center assistant Commodity double Jiafu said that this sample of 100 batches of stationery, of which 50 batches from the electricity supplier, 50 batches from the store. Wherein electricity supplier in Taobao and Suning Tesco to buy, the owner of the entity if the large supermarkets and specialty stationery. Which mainly drawn some stationer stationery store large, nearby elementary school, major brands and sales are common on the large market of the product.
It is understood that the main risk monitoring reference national standard GB / T22048-2008 "PVC toys and children's products in the phthalic acid ester plasticizers Determination", GB21027-2007 "General requirements for safety stationery" and MEP HJ572-2010 "technical requirements for environmental labeling products stationery" and other standards. The stationery risk monitoring tasks, the main choice of two types of indicators, one is phthalate esters, is what we commonly known as the plasticizer; another type of organic solvent benzene residues of substances. Both indicators of current mandatory national standards in our country temporarily not involved, but in the international arena these two types of indicators are still required. Therefore, in our country stationery product quality control in previous years, this one is more missing.
Jiangsu Province, quality supervision department, risk monitoring is different from the stationery product supervision, it is more concerned about the safety of stationery indicators and environmental impact, rather than to determine the quality of the product or not focused. Inspectors told reporters that the current mandatory standards of stationery in some indicators of the international security generally more concerned no clear requirements, but at the same time, in recent years, China's exports of stationery products have appeared due to the safety indicators It rejected cases. So they brought these indicators as a key security monitoring project.
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