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School stationery market economy was hot hot

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School stationery market economy was hot hot

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Nantong Reuters February 20 to 21 in Nantong City Schools is the last weekend before school starts. These days the city's major supermarkets, stationery, bookstore business is also hot up. Early in the morning on the 20th, Nantong bookstore opened the door and ushered in a lot of students and parents to buy stationery and supplementary books. Tanjug Bookstore Baixin stationery salesman introduced: Yesterday afternoon, they have ushered in a wavelet selling climax. This afternoon is expected to purchase passenger flow will reach a peak. So, this weekend they are full posts overtime to meet the selection of stationery to students and parents. Nantong Bookstore on the third floor, there are many parents take their kids to buy supplementary books.