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Lead China into the office stationery era

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  • Time of issue:2018-11-19 11:55

Lead China into the office stationery era

  • Categories:News
  • Time of issue:2018-11-19 11:55
Deli with twenty years of focus and innovation embody the Chinese stationery industry in China dream, at the crucial moment to deepen the reform of China's stationery industry, to explore a new path of development of a sector worth learning and reference. Deli office total solution, dedicated to global customers in various industries, provide cover office supplies, office equipment, office furniture, office gifts, including a full field of office products, and provide customized set of products, delivery, installation and after-sales service in one of the , one-stop full service. With the world's advanced supply chain management, R & D and manufacturing capabilities and a complete global procurement system, relying on China's strong distribution network and distribution system, regardless of what the customer needs the goods and services at the workplace, can be effective at a reasonable price to provide quick give customers a comprehensive solution that allows customers a simple way to get the best working environment and efficient office hardware and software support, allowing customers to work more effective - that is the overall effective office solutions.
It is understood that the overall effective office comprehensive solution to reduce procurement costs, the highest costs reduced by up to 30% cost advantage has received universal praise of customers in various industries. At the same time the overall effective office solutions, no industry division, there is no regional restrictions, regardless of office space demand, companies are available through national call center and Internet orders and other leading service system, access to efficient and attentive service. Deli office total solution, save save time and worry, so that enterprises truly effective office to easily benefit goals.
Overall effective office solutions have been successfully implemented successful practice in multiple industries, for example, the Bank of China jointly competent office of the overall solution, successful in 37 countries to provide efficient financial services; China State Grid Office jointly effective overall solution, successful providing 1.1 billion people and efficient electricity service; Geli office jointly effective overall solution, successful leading provider of air service to more than 100 countries around the world, and so on ...... these success stories also verifies the China Sporting goods Association Mr. Lin Chong once for effective evaluation of the office: the office fully capable of moving big time, it opened up the whole industry chain integration office of Blue Ocean, which also will lead the Chinese office industry toward a new stage.
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