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Stationery should beware of poisonous heavy market access regulation

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Stationery should beware of poisonous heavy market access regulation

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Went to school season a year, August 31, Jiangsu Province Bureau of Quality Supervision issued a stationery product quality analysis of the 2015 report, the results show, pens, erasers, correction fluid, commonly detected in plasticizers, residual organic solvents and halogenated hydrocarbons Wait. Among them, the study confirmed that phthalates are playing a role similar to estrogen, can cause the boy "feminine" and girls "precocious."
(September 1, "Southeast Express")
Who is responsible for such products, and how to better supervise children stationery off, is a common topic of the 2015 Jiangsu Province, the quality inspection departments stationery product quality analysis report.
Stationery for regulatory purposes, in order to truly play a role in the production chain must be strengthened to ensure quality. After all, so many stationery, enters the circulation, it is caught in Kowloon flood of embarrassment. Specific regulatory responsibilities shared by the industry and commerce department, under the responsibility of diluted, strong sense of responsibility of some supervisors, inevitably neglect prevention. And in addition, can not be ignored is that the circulation flow of products is too wide, front-line law enforcement officers do not necessarily have the professional testing technology, or even by the time and cost constraints of human, circulation problems stationery guard, no doubt difficult. In contrast, in the market access areas, the relevant departments to put to work to do a solid, established beforehand supervise the work of philosophy, is not up to the company to take measures to suspend production for rectification, so how can stationery toxic situation spread?
Also worth considering, from Jiangsu Province 2015 stationery product quality analysis reports, these problems are not a two, but a more systematic presence and why these chemicals not found in existing products supervision links, is the existence of market access link lax regulators or grassroots detect technical reasons, or supervise the implementation of the minority who deliberately indulge? All this should also be the report of the research object, give the public an explanation.