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Shenyang stationery consumer market luxury brands freeze

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Shenyang stationery consumer market luxury brands freeze

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School, Shenyang stationery market excited. February 29, reporters arrived at the Dadong District, Shenyang, a large stationery wholesale and retail markets, saw many parents with their children being in here to buy school bags, stationery, pens, and other school supplies.
Reporters found that most parents give their children to choose some domestic famous brands of stationery, a parent said that now the domestic stationery quality is very good, and affordable, cost-effective. One sells stationery owners told reporters that parents become more rational consumption, those first few years selling well a few thousand dollars of brand-name imports of bags, stationery and other school supplies luxury, now sales greatly reduced, and good quality and price cheap domestic stationery welcomed to the bag, for example, it is the best-selling bag price 70-200 yuan, while the selling stationery is about 20-35 yuan best. School teacher called on students to choose some simple and practical stationery. Stationery consumer market this year, blowing a minimalist style.