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County Business Council Regulation stationery market "school economy" escort

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County Business Council Regulation stationery market "school economy" escort

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On the occasion of the new semester, stationery market entry "golden sales period", to ensure that the majority of students to buy school supplies safe and reliable. Recently, Pingshan Industrial and Commercial Bureau to carry out special rectification of market around the campus stationery, stationery regulate business behavior.
Council combined "summer law enforcement special operations" within the jurisdiction of supermarkets, shopping malls and stationery stores, stationery shops around the campus to conduct a comprehensive inspection, focusing on school bags, stationery, 2B pencil, eraser, ruler, copybook stationery and other students whether inspection reports, certificates, whether the sale of "three noes" goods, stationery students if there are security risks, whether marked "Do not swallow" and other warning signs to be checked.
Law enforcement officers also conduct regulations publicity, shall inform the operator sales do not meet technical specifications, safety standards. Through the special inspection, to further purify the area of student stationery market, by parents, teachers and students alike. (Zhou Peng Lansha)